Presentation Purse - June 1914

“To Mr T.H.Hughes, We your friends of East Peckham and Neighbourhood wish to mark our appreciation of the great service you have rendered to this district in the forming of the “Invicta” Brass Band, and also of the way you have carried same on:

You have also been one of the foremost to further any movement for the benefit of the district.

We wish to express our deep regret that you are leaving for New Zealand, also to wish you every success, good health and prosperity in the future: and ask the acceptance of the accompanying purse as a slight token of our esteem and regard.

– June 1914”



The book was sent back from New Zealand to East Peckham for the band by THH’s niece following his death. It is currently in the keeping of the current Musical Director Mr Keith Johnson. A list of subscribers will follow as will a full set of scans of the list. Also sent back from N.Z. was this beautiful photograph of THH, confirming his correct name and those of his son and grandson. Unfortunately it is not dated.

Saturday the 16th.
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